Step 1: Give us a call! Or email. We’ll get back with you either way! Tell us about your project and we’ll explain how we can help.

Step 2: Let’s meet! We’ll schedule a site visit to check out your property and to test the soil to see what kind of system would be best. We’ll also give you a quote once we see what we’re working with.

Step 3: Permits. No one likes ’em. But we’ll walk you through the whole thing and help you gather all the paperwork your county requires. We’ve been through it a hundred times and the permitting folks are our friends!

Step 4: We wait. It might take a couple weeks for the permits to be issued and we get the green light. Sometimes it’s as quick as a couple days!

Step 5: Installation! Finally!

Step 6: Inspection. The county representative will come out to the job site to make sure everything is the way it’s supposed to be. (But don’t worry, we always make sure it is!)

Step 7: All done! Your yard is back to normal and bathrooms in working order. (Payment happens here too.) We thank you so much for your business and we’re grateful for our new friendship with you. 🙂